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We have an impressive range of squash accessories including essentials such as strings to over grips and much more to cater to your every squash need. Whether you are playing or training, we stock the top brands at best prices.



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Squash ball

The Dunlop Pro Squash Ball is the official ball at all national and international tournaments. The Pro has the lowest bounce and requires a good technique by both players

String Reel

The string reel is thinner, which helps to reduce the space between the strings, and is a bit larger providing the ball more acceleration during the ball contact



Squash rackets have maximum dimensions of 686 mm (27.0 in) long and 215 mm (8.5 in) wide, with a maximum strung area of 500 square centimeters (77.5 sq in)


The bag in which you can store all your equipment nicely organized. The bag features one main compartment, accessory pockets, and a separate shoe compartment


Crashtape not only ensures that you do not get scratches on your racket, but also reduces the risk of breakage because the crashtape catches part of the blow


Dip Molded Plastic Grips, Hunt Wilde Grips, Stock Hand Grips, Foam Grips & Tubes, Injection Molded Grips, Plastic Tubes & Sleeves

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